Purple Kush (500 GIL). A dime bag of marajuana (You will recieve Moko Grass upon payment).

Cat Nip (500 GIL). A stronger strand of marajuana that heavily affects Miqo'tes (You will receive Gaelcatnip upon payment).

Nose Candy (1000 GIL). Pure cocaine with nothing cut in it. (You will receive Purified Coke upon payment).

Mother Nature (800 GIL). A hallcinagenic roo that's brewed into tea (You will receive Yellow Ginsing upon payment).

Red Horn (2000 GIL). Powered horn of an endangered sea creature, it's said to be one of the strongest aphrodisiacs on the black market (You will receive Powdered Merman Horn upon payment).

Better than the Bismark (1000 GIL). A sandwich that's said to rival the Bismark's Finger Sandwishes (You will recieve Finger Sandwich upon Payment).